VVS - Reflection Smart Stream

The Reflection software is a live video encoding software, intended to be used in real time
environments where hardware encoders are not optional or suit your needs.
The software's capabilities include many options such as selecting a screen from multiple screens that will be streamed to each network address.
The Reflection streamer can also encode up to 4 screens with HD Resolution and stream
them as one. (for more then one screen frame rate may drop).

Reflection Streamer supports custom bit-rate and resolution scaling among its many
features, here are some highlights:


3 preset modes for streaming quality


Custom Settings for bit-rate,FPS etc.


Auto start with windows


Automatic streaming mode

The Reflection Smart Stream is intended to be used with a 24/7 99% uptime environment.
Its unique way of running its resources directly from memory gives it the ability to deploy
and work on virtual machines.

VVS Reflection  | Campion-ES

VVS-Reflection Streaming agent + Nano Pixie Combo

VVS Smart Stream | Campion-ES

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