Explore Our Range Of Our Industrial PDA Designed For Use In Industrial Applications Operate In Harsh Environment.

An industrial PDA, or Personal Digital Assistant, is a handheld device that combines computing, communication, and data storage capabilities. Industrial PDAs are typically ruggedized to withstand harsh environments and are often used in manufacturing, logistics, and other industrial settings. They may have features such as a barcode scanner, RFID reader, GPS, and wireless connectivity. Industrial PDAs can be used for a variety of purposes, including inventory management, asset tracking, and data collection. They may also have specialized software for specific applications, such as maintenance management or quality control.
Products range that withstand the toughest conditions and solutions to get the job done.

Together with our partners, we offer complete field working solutions.

Industrial PDA | Campion-ES

NAUTIZ X2 - More powerful than ever before 
The Nautiz X2 is the most compact and comfortable rugged handheld available. It is a true all-in-one: a computer, a scanner, a camera, and a phone. No other handheld offers the small size, lightweight, and sleek design of the Nautiz X2.

NAUTIZ X41 -  Second to none
The Nautiz X41 is a rugged scanning powerhouse. With an integrated high-speed 1D barcode scanner or 2D imager with high density optics you can handle fast order picking, error-free work orders and smooth shipping and receiving. It features a physical 23-key keypad including programmable keys and dedicated scan button.

Industrial PDA | Campion-ES
Industrial PDA | Campion-ES

NAUTIZ X6 - The ultra-rugged Android phablet
High-visibility functionality of a tablet and the go-anywhere performance of a rugged handheld combine , State-of-the-art solution Nautiz X6 ultra-rugged Android phablet.

NAUTIZ X9 - The Ultimate Outdoor-Rugged PDA
The Nautiz X9 ultra-rugged Android PDA can handle any environment that field work can bring. Feature-loaded with enterprise-level capabilities, it delivers top-notch field performance with battery capacity for even the longest shifts.

Industrial PDA | Campion-ES

NAUTIZ X8 - Leading the way
With its beautiful sunlight-viewable 4.7-inch capacitive touchscreen, the NAUTIZ X8 blurs the lines between tablets and handheld. But it isn’t just a pretty face: don’t forget the fast processor, long-life battery and ultra-rugged specs.Operating System : Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5.3 and Android 4.2.2

Industrial PDA | Campion-ES

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