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An industrial networking solution is a set of networking products and technologies designed for use in harsh environments and demanding applications. These solutions may include industrial-grade routers, switches, and other networking devices that are built to withstand extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration, and are sealed against dust and other contaminants.
Include advanced features such as redundant power supplies and data backup and recovery capabilities to ensure reliability and uptime in critical applications.
Industrial networking solutions are commonly used in industrial control and automation systems, as well as in other applications where reliable networking is critical and transportation systems. These solutions allow companies to extend their network connectivity to harsh environments and demanding applications, enabling the flow of data and information needed to support their operations.
Wide range of industrial networking solution, Ethernet switches,
cellular M2M devices Routers and communication converters
From remote site management to industrial process control, our industrial networking products are designed to operate reliably in harsh environments. 

Together with our partners, we offer a complete network solution for working in harsh environmental conditions.

Unmanaged Switches | Campion-ES

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged industrial
Ethernet switches offer
simple plug-and-play
functionality with reliable
performance, endless
range of port options.

Managed Switches | Campion-ES

Managed Switches

Managed industrial
Ethernet switches offer
simple plug-and-play
functionality with reliable
performance, endless
range of port options.

Monitored Switches | Campion-ES

Monitored Switches

Wide selection of industrial
Ethernet switches with
monitoring capabilities.
an unmanaged switch with
advanced remote
diagnostic capabilities.

Power Over Ethernet | Campion-ES

Power Over Ethernet

Wide range of industrial
IEEE 802.3af/at Power over
Ethernet (POE) solutions
are designed to transmit
power and data over

Gateways and Routers | Campion-ES

Gateways and Routers

Secure Edge Networking
Gateway and Industrial Pro
Routers offer reliable
connectivity to deployed
assets. Ideal for harsh

Cellular RTUS | Campion-ES

Cellular RTUS

Industrial cellular RTUs
provide a secure all-in-one
platform to remotely
connect, monitor and
control assets across
industrial applications.

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