Explore Our Range Of Video Solutions, Specifically Designed For Use In Harsh Industrial Environments, Such As Manufacturing Facilities, Construction Sites & Other Challenging Settings.

Advanced end-to-end video solutions are comprehensive systems that enable the capture, encoding, transmission, and display of video content. An encoder is a device or software that converts an analog video signal into a digital format for transmission over a network or for storage on a computer. A decoder is a device or software that converts a digital video signal back into an analog format for display on a monitor or other display device.
In the context of a video wall, an encoder and decoder may be used to convert the video signal from a single source (such as a camera or computer) into a format that can be displayed on multiple displays arranged in a grid or other configuration. This allows for the creation of complex video wall displays that can be used for surveillance, information display, or other applications.

Video Encoder | Campion-ES


Multi-purpose superb functionality HDMI encoder, geared for driving video & audio signals at top speed while maintaining source quality.Up to 16 redundant HDMI Inputs supports sources of up to 1080p@60fps and streams out at multiple resolution up to 1080p@60fps

Video Decoder | Campion-ES


Versatile H.265 video decoder geared to provide efficient & stable real-time decoding while maintaining source quality in 24/7 workloads. Supports a variety of stream standards including
UDP. RTMP, RTSP, HTTP, FLV and HLS streams generated by our video encoders and Reflection software.  

Video Software and APIs | Campion-ES

Software and APIs

Our management software is a game-changer in terms of software and system capabilities. This powerful software application provides complete reach and control over the any network topology. our Reflection software is a live video encoding software, intended to be used in real time environments.

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